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1- Add me first
2- Comment here saying anything about you
3- There's 98% probabilities that I add you back (unless you are a psycho or something, that's my job lol)

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Fangirl episode...

I havent watched tha latest SPN episode... Im downloading it as we speak, but in the mean time I was searching youtube for SPN vids... you know to just get in the mood... I've seen some hate videos for s6 that I wont even comment on... but I also found some magnificent videos... and I just couldnt help but think...

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Long time no post

Hey guys! I know I have been completely MIA lately... its just Uni has been eating me alive... literarily *facepalm* I cant even put to words the levels of stress I went through last semester... anyways...

Today is SPN DAY!!! Finally!! \o/ I CANT wait to see what this season brings =D

How have you guys been? I cant wait to hear from you =)
PS I finally got myself a twitter account *ahem*ageslater*ahem* so in case any of you has a twitter tell me so that I can follow you =)

Tons of love,
dean loves pie

*ahem* Is this thing on... check... check...

Hello everyone... *ahem* for the moment I just have 2 3 things to say...

1- As you already guessed my intenet FINALLY works... after changing internet companies... twice *facepalm*... But yay!! I finally can use internet again *bounces* I feel like I had been disconected from the world since forever! and let's saying that trying to use internet from you phone isnt exactly the easiest and most practical thing to do XP

2- I am currently catching up on Supernatural... and o-m-g I totally didnt expect the season finale to take this turn but all I can say is... Is it Friday yet?! ♥♥♥ Cant wait to see how everything turns out.

3- THANK YOU!! for not defriending me!! I know I havent been around for you lately... and I cant really ask you to understand me cause I've been such a bad friend *facepalm* Sorry... and thank you... I'm so glad to be back

*massive hugs*
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Alive and kicking!!

Hey guys!! How are you all =D I gotta say I've missed you like crazy and I FINALLY!!! caught up with SPN =D yay!!! \o/ About that... O-M-G are the new ads epic or what?? I gotta say this is probably the cooles promotion the boys have gotten in quite a long time... just in case anyone hadn't seen them *ahem* like me *ahem*

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Stupid Computer -_-

Hello y'all! I want to apologize for the lack of entries and of comments on your journals in the past week but my computer went nuts apparently *facepalm* I even haven't been able to watch the last THREE episodes of spn *sobs* I have no idea of what's wrong with the computer but apparently I cannot reproduce any type of audio and it cannot connect to internet *sighs* it's as if it's turning against me or something... probably I'll have to take it to some kind of tech support place or something cause it's really giving me a hard time...

I just wanted to let you guys know that I'll be online as much as I can...

Love you all