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I'll better make a cut... because this will only be a bunch of rambling and squeeing and everything will be spoilers so...

WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS EPISODE ABOUT??! I feel like it only made me even more anxious and raised even more questions *facepalm* damn you Kripke... I'm not on the proper condition to write a well organized summary but there's just some things I HAVE to point out...

A- Everyone in this show is more screwed than the other... seriously.
1. Bobby. He sold his soul (btw the kiss part? XD hillarious!) *ahem* now... he sold his damn soul just so they could get to dead and now he is bound to Crowley's word to have it back. The only good part is that being able to walk again he'll probably have a more active role in the finale =)

2. Cas. I'm really glad Castiel reappeared on the show... I was just fearing the worst with him. I liked how he apologized to Dean and told him there was more in him than he had given him credit for... I really think there is and Cas more than ever will trust him now. I feel kinda bad for him, having to learn how to be human and getting his powers taken away all on the edge of the end of the world... I'd be worried too; but on the other side I think it will become a much more personal battle now, as he will be more like the boys and will see what it is like to be a human, a hunter, and having to deal with all these situations without his powers.

3. Dean. Who (I dare to assure even though he didn't mention it in this episode) thinks he could have done something different and somehow save people. Who is afraid of the world ending and terrified of losing his brother in the process. I think he has a heavy burden... cause being who he is he isn't just questioning himself about his actions and things he could have known better but putting on his shoulders Sam's pain just as well. He believes in Sam, I think he really does, but he's too afraid of losing him to admit he has faith... just so Sam doesn't jump and go down killing the devil lane.

4. Sam. I really felt bad for him in this episode. I feel like Sam went down a very dark lane in the past seasons and did a lot of things that now he is regretting (trusting Ruby, the demon blood, killing Lilith...) and now he, more than anyone else, feels responsible for the world ending... he feels like his own pride and anger has driven him down this road and dragged the whole world along with him. I think he feels he has to step up... more than anyone else does in order to do something to clean out the mess the world has turned into, the mess he feels responsible for. At the same time he also feels he has let down his brother and needs to make up for it somehow. I think Sam is doing something very noble by offering to stop the devil himself and risking his own life in the process... and in the same time he is completely terrified of himself, of his past flaws and actions and is afraid (even more afraid than Dean, Bobby or Castiel) than the devil could break him into his own will and use that same anger he holds agaisnt him.

B- (^Huh... that was long, right?) NOW I haven't read about this but... Sam using Dean's gun. I don't know if it was just me ... was Sam using Dean's gun as he Bobby and Castiel tried to stop Pestilence's plan??... cause it really seemed to me like he did. I don't know but I find this details to be intriguing and really meaningful... Cause if it is Dean's gun and I think it is... means Sam already opened the box and read Deans' letter. For some reason I think that if this is true it will have to do a lot with Sam's plan of action at the end... I just hope Dean wasn't too harsh with him in the letter cause he wrote it while he wasn't too faithful in Sam. I GOTTA KNOWWW what that thing said dammit!

C- DEATH'S INTRO!!! ♥♥♥ Oh my I love this show too much! It was just stunning... flawless! =D I even got goosebumps!

D - ADAM IS MICHAEL'S VESSEL!! ok this... NO! I mean this goes against everything the show was claimed during the whole season!! even Sam said so in Point of no return!! if the angels were so desperate then why didn't they do that from the beginning? kill Lucifer!Nick and have this thing over now?! it just doesn't fit into the whole pattern that they would have taken so long if this was so possible... unless he is like Nick and just temporary while Dean is the real vessel... Cause seriously... why would they have risked losing Adam and using him as bait if they only needed him and not Dean? Why Zachariah didn't just call Michael when Adam said yes and was sitting in the pretty room?? This just doesn't fit... and I hope this is the writers playing us and not changing everything the last minute!!!

E - Sam icing the devil and Dean taking Death's ring... I'll talk about this two together... cause I feel that's where they belong, they were two very different scenes and yet to connected. I think Sam's afraid, not as much as the devil as he is of himself and of failing and letting his anger consume him, I think this is why he is looking for Dean's opinion... Cas already supports the idea and Bobby isn't too happy but isn't against it either... I think they all have come to realize that Sam HAS to stop the devil, even Dean has, but as Bobby noticed at the end... even thought Dean knows this is the only hope they have he is not admitting it... not because he doesn't have the faith in his brother (notice how he is not surprised when Bobby tells him about Sam's good side), Dean knows Sam more than anyone just like Sam knows Dean best and I think the faith in him is probably greater than the faith of anyone else... I just think he is not gonna admit having faith in Sam's temper cause he knows that his approval is probably the last push Sam needs in order to make his mind and go against the devil... cause this is the way these two are... they depend and rely so much on each other ♥ than even though Sam is scared to death if he knows this is the right thing and that Dean thinks just the same he'll do it!! And Dean is afraid... not of Sam failing but of losing him or having him dead in the process.

This show is so damn complicated!!!! *sighs* *sobs* Aww boys ♥

Now... this promo... tore my heart into the tiniest pieces ='(

But I know Sam is gonna fight... he'll struggle out of that damn thing... he'll do it for Dean. Let's just hope he doesn't take the beating too far =(

Is it Thursday yet?
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