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Exile on Main St.

Just watched the season premiere!!!! *dances around*

I gotta say I actually loved this episode... and it was and at the same time wasn't what I expected to see:

What I expected:
* Dean having a normal life and yet being miserable. I loved the openning, I loved to see how Dean could have had a normal life, I loved seeing him smile as he taught Ben how to fix a car, I loved to see him working a 9 to 5 job, I loved seeing him on a bbq and having normal friends. =) It is something completely new to us (and to him) and I think the writers just nailed the life Dean would have loved to have. BUT we could see as he woke up, even minutes before Lisa woke up or the alarm went off, that he was clearly angsty, that something didn't feel quite right for him. I think that the year that Dean was "off" he never really stopped being a hunter, he just became more passive. He had everything he wanted (except for Sam) and yet he wasn't happy, whether if it was because he didn't have Sam or because he couldn't go back to the man he had been before all the sh*t that he went through (hell, the apocalypse, etc) he wasn't happy with this, at least not completely.

* Sam coming back. DUH! we all knew he HAD to come back. And I know it IS Sammy and yet somthing is completely messed up about him... is not like he's evil or anything but as if somehow the pain he went through in hell had actually erased his feelings or made him hide them completely. It killed me how Dean offered to help him, being probably the only person on Earth that could actually undesrtand the pain he had been through but Sam wouldnt talk about it... I guess it is completely normal for him not to want to talk but I think that eventually he'll be back to the normal Sam, or at least as much as he can considering what he's being through. He won't be innocent or bouncy, but just like Dean managed to he'll recover part of his personality (hopefully accepting Dean's help and support) but keep as a part of him the mark that hell left in him.

Now... what I didn't expect!
* The Campbell's hunting with Sam. At first I was really happy that Sam wasn't hunting all by himself... we know how radical he can get when he does, specially after the glimpse we got in "Mistery Spot", but actually hunting with others and mostly cause they weren't strangers but his family. Then things didn't look so good... I don't know, it's just that they seem just as cold as Sam is... and at the same time too calmed about what's going on and the job and stuff, besides they took one of the gynns (I really don't know how to spell that LOL)? wtf?? they are just bad news IMO and Sammy better watch his back.

*Azazel. Well I knew he had shot one ep for the season but I honestly didn't expect it to be the first. I think he played a major role representing Dean's worst fear... now that he thought Sam was dead his priority were Lisa and Ben and his biggest fear was for them to go through the same thing he had to with his own family. Also I loved Azazel's character and his relationship with Dean, he should totally appear in more eps.

Other stuff:
* I LOVED the scene with Sam and Dean at the end... I love how Sam tells Dean he needs him... I think that Sam is aware that he's pretty messed up (just like Dean was when he returend from hell) and that even when he wants to let him live the life he always "wanted" he really wants him to go with him and be the pain in the ass he's always been. I think Sam knows Dean is the only one who can help him, level him and push him through everything he's being through and back to who he was. Sam needs Dean, and I think that this was his way of letting him know in his own cold and hurt way of doing so.

* I just have a BAD FEELING about episodes coming ahead... I don't want to make things seem bad or negative but let's face it... Dean will try to protect Lisa and Ben no matter what, he feels responsible for them and he won't change his mind about hunting so easily. *sighs* So what I really think is going to happen is that whether something happens to Lisa and Ben OR Sam is taken or hurt pretty badly. Cause let's face it... Dean feels responsible for Lisa and Ben and won't leave them alone easily... and in the same time he LOVES Sam... more than anything in he world. So I guess we'll have to wait and see =)

Just one question... I just watched the trailer for next week... and where the hell are those new promotional pics???! I know they must be out there!!
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