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Ok apparently there's some kind of mess going on in the fandom... *sighs* I just leave a couple of days and when I come back hell's being raised around here... so

First things first... I LOVE SUPERNATURAL and I'm still loving S6!!

So if you are reading this and expected this to be a complain letter to Kripke, then sorry... you'll be highly disappointed *shrugs*

I gotta say I still love Supernatural and seriously cant understand what the whole buzz is about... people are complaining about this season but I really dont see how this is the end of the world or anything... I keep reading about how season 1 and 2 were teh best and stuff but even then there were complains... I don't know if you guys remember but I cetainly do... how Dean was too depressed and Sam's hair was all over the place blah blah blah... some people are just never happy

Now I know this may not be the best season of them all but I still consider it great, I really dont see how soem people expect to be the same season after season, it was to grow and mature just like its characters do.

I still love Supernatural and I will continue to love it as much as I loved it back in 2005, cause I still feel it is MY show... back then it was about the love between two brothers and imo it still is... cause their relationship was never perfect, they've faught, argued, punched each other, yelled, betrayed, lied, and even sold their souls for each other... don't you get it? This isnt a show about a perfect relationship... because the boys relationship has never been perfect and that is what makes it beautiful how their love can remain the same even after everything they've been through... it is inconditional

Yeah... Cas might be rough around the edges adn Sam isnt the Sammy we all knew but as long as I can see that the love is still present I'll keep watching and IMO it IS still present... I dont know if you guys see it but I do... I see it in Dean's eyes everytime he looks at Sam and is torn cause he doesnt have his brother, I see it in Bobby when despite his problems he always finds time for Dean and Sam, I even see it in Sam... cause even when he doesnt have a soul he didnt call Dean wehn he returned cause in his lack of soul he thought that being with Lisa is what made him happy... so maybe the love's never left... maybe it is not so easy to se anymore and that is one of the things that makes spn so special...

Everyone goes through tough times in life... my show is going through one right now so I'll keep watching... will you?

I just needed to get that off my chest
Tags: ramblings, supernatural
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